Juniper berry, uses.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: juniper berries?
From: jkim.CS.Trinity.Edu (Juniper)
Date: 18 Oct 1994 02:41:56 GMT

Hey ya'll...

Does anyone have the scoop on the real benefits of juniper berries?
: ) I'm intersted for obvious reasons....; )


From: (Dana M. Gass)

Juniper Berries are an excellent remedy for all problems relating to the urinary tract. They can be used in a tea to stop a urinary tract infection as long as it is caught fairly early. I have had much success with this particular use.

Cheers! Kamala

From: Howie Brounstein <>

Yes, juniper berries are good for urinary tract infections: however, they can be harsh and irritating to the urinary tract if used in excess. This is why they are often mixed with other herbs, or used in the early stages of problems.

Howie Brounstein
C&W Herbs