Jimson weed: cautions.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Datura
From: hilda.elf.com (Hilda Marshall)
Date: 30 Oct 1994 16:35:13 GMT

>Can anyone tell me about the effects of datura - jimson weed? Their history, etc.? A number of youth in New Jersey have tried it recently, with poor results.

Jimson weed (Datura stramonium, thornapple) contains the same alkaloids as belladonna. So, it's a narcotic which reduces pain and averts bronchospasm, dilates the pupils, dries the mouth and throat, and if taken to excess, induces hallucinations and even death.

Love, Hilda

From: rkjb.cix.compulink.co.uk (Ken Brown)

> Can anyone tell me about the effects of datura - jimson weed?

Datura stramonium

The story goes that in 1679 some British soldiers in a place called Jamestown, now in the USA (sorry, I don't know which state) ate Datura leaves and experienced what was described as "a very pleasant comedy". Hence the name. It contains hyoscine and hyoscyamine which are hallucinogenic.

The *bad* thing about Datura is that it has very variable concentrations of active chemicals. So sometimes you could eat the whole plant and not notice, sometimes you could be knocked out by a few leaves. There are even rumours that honey made by bees that visited Datura flowers has poisoned people.

Datura has killed horses and pigs. One of the chemicals in it is atropine. If you were unlucky enough to get a big dose of atropine it would stop your heart. Don't try this at home folks. There are safer ways to get out of your head.

From: n8220315.henson.cc.wwu.edu (Richard M Donnelly)

>Can anyone tell me about the effects of datura - jimson weed?

I think there was quite a lot about it in the early Don Juan books by Carlos Castaneda. It's been so long since I read them I think I will refrain from trying to recall what the various cosmic implications of it are. However, back in about 1972 a friend of mine ate some of the seeds -- it grows along the roadside in the southwest (in this case, San Diego county), and his report was that it was not at all a "pleasant" experience... in fact, his vision didn't clear up for a couple of days!

From: Jay_Mann.equinox.gen.nz (Jay Mann)

: Jimson weed (Datura stramonium, thornapple) contains the same alkaloids as belladonna.

A teenage boy was killed in New Zealand just two months ago, when a group of kids was apparently burning or smoking Datura leaves. His "friends" left the beach, even though one of them was missing. He was found later drowned in shallow water. This was almost an exact duplicate of a fatality in Australia a few years ago.

Jay Mann
Christchurch, NZ

From: Marian C <marian.bluebird.com>

> Can anyone tell me about the effects of datura - jimson weed?

Jimson weed is very toxic. Some teenagers here in San Diego died a couple of years ago when they smoked some. I would be very careful when using it. I'm not sure of any uses for it, recreational or otherwise.

From: bobs.fc.hp.com (Bob Schleiger)

Callum Anderson (ocacra.orca.upe.ac.za) wrote:
: I heard a story few years ago that the witches in medieval times made use of datura. This is apparently why they thought they were flying on their broom sticks!!

Datura has always been associated with "seeing". That might be future
events or questions you want answered. Hence the "flying". They were flying to "see" something. This plant is associated with very powerful people who can control others due to the great deal of information they can get thru this plant. Those people who cannot deal with the power released with this should not even attempt to use it. Some people cannot deal with changes in reality. When everything you believe in is suddenly gone, you are basically insane and you have to be really strong to come back. It's pretty easy to just stay there. Anybody that has done any mind altering drugs knows you are always changed after doing them and it takes time to get back to normal. Some don't ever come back if the drug screws with your reality too much. You can't find your way back.

I have a Datura plant that I have had for about 4 years. I bring it into the house in the winter time and plant it outside in the summer. It has some of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen and is very fragrant. Another similar plant I have is the tree datura. I cannot remember the Latin name right now [Brugmannsia. -Henriette] but I have never been able to get it to flower. They are pretty plants but not something to screw around with unless you have someone to help you that knows what they are doing.


From: bobs.fc.hp.com (Bob Schleiger)

Ken Brown (rkjb.cix.compulink.co.uk) wrote:
: If they only *thought* they were flying, how did they get from Europe to America to get the Datura?

That is true. Probably using Mandrake which is similar in effects.