Impatiens (jewelweed) for poison ivy.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: poison ivy relief
From: (Scott Kecken)
Date: 27 Oct 1994 21:12:50 GMT

I had a bad case of poison ivy this summer and I found the best relief is a common plant (at least on the East Coast) named Jewelweed or Spotted-Touch-Me-Not. I wildcrafted the plant so I don't know where one can buy it. You want to use the fresh plant so I recommend finding it in the wild.

Description: Succulent, leaves are oval, toothed and almost bluish at times. Lower leaves are opposite, Upper ones are alternate. Flowers are orange with red spots and are pendant like.
Treatment: Apply the crushed leaves or stem juice directly to the rash. Repeat frequently.
Decoction: one part Jewelweed (or stronger as needed), twenty parts water. boil water in non-metallic container, add jewelweed, boil for fifteen minutes, strain and store in jar in fridge or freeze as ice cubes. Apply frequently.

I would recommend bandaging the rash also. I took lots of oatmeal baths to relieve the itching (you can buy the bath in drug stores). Jewelweed is also good for bug bites and other skin ailments like eczema, ringworm, etc.

Good Luck! Scott