Multiple sclerosis.

To: herblist <HERB.V.EGE.EDU.TR
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 1994 21:33:05 -0700
From: Rob Bidleman <robbee.CRL.COM>
Subject: Re: Multiple Sclerosis

> I have a dear friend who was diagnosed last year at age 42 with M.S. She was doing well, but is now losing much of the sensation in her legs, and has other problems (bowel, thickening of the spinal cord, etc.). She is suffering also from much anxiety.
> Anyone here have any experience with herbal treatments that have been of some help?

** If it is herbal you are looking for I can list <in order of experience and results> some herbal remedies:

1) Hawthorn Berry Extract
2) Gotu Kola Leaf <and Root> FRESH
3) Wild Oats FRESH
4) Tuneric Root FRESH
5) Skullcap, Passion Flower and St John's Wort <these last I have little experience with but they are used by others with results>
6) Mellisa <compounded>

There are many considerations here, diet being one so I would recommend a Naturopath and a thorough <how do they say...holistic?> approach.