Sinus infections.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Sinus infections: herbal treatment?
Date: Sun, 25 DEC 94 02:11:41 -0500

I have suffered from chronic sinus infections for years. My doctor prescribes antibiotics, and then, every once in a while threatens to send me to the hospital to have my sinuses drained (euwwww!!!). Since this is something I'd rather *not* do, does anyone have any herbal remedies/treatment for sinus infection. Typically, I get a nasty headache, my teeth throb and I either get nauseaous and/or vomit. Not a fun time. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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From: (Jet Silverman)

Eyebright (2 standard capsules) can work wonders for sinus inflamation. Though I don't think it will help with the infection itself, it may help you feel a lot better.

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From: (TLSHAY)

I've been a chronic sinus sufferer for years. Here's one thing I do when I feel them beginning to clog up (which, by the way is darned near from 3rd week in Sept to last of April.)

Put yourself in a shower and get the water as hot as you can take it without it driving you out. Allow the water to stream over your head while making a cup out of your hands and keeping your hands over your nose and mouth. This allows you to breathe in steamy water quite effectively. Keep breathing in this steamy water through your nose, only, and you'll soon feel all the clog begin to loosen. Periodically stop and massage all the sinus cavities (you'll feel them - and maybe even hear them - become quite loose.) This massaging helps to move out all the buildup that's been clogging you up and acting as a breeding ground for infection and ear aches and sinus headaches.

I do this until the sinus cavities are pretty-well drained. I've used this method successfully for many, many years. I get headaches so bad from sinus infections that I will vomit from them. When I use this, I can keep my sinuses fairly clean and moving as they should be.

Hope this helps you out.

A fellow sinus sufferer. Terry

From: (Skye Byrd)

Have you tried "ocean drops?" Found in any pharmacy, they are basically saline solution packaged so you can snort it. It is kind of gross, but it helps me with my sinsues and can relieve my headache.

Skye Byrd