Smelly urine.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: bladder problem?
From: (Dale Woika)
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 1994 05:15:25 GMT

>Sometimes, not often, I notice that when I go to the bathroom my urine has a strange smell. It has a strong, sweetish smell that is peanut-like. When I'm stress out or physically tired I get the feeling like I'm starting a bladder infection but then it goes away in an hour or two. I also get that walking in the cold. Does anyone know what this means? I wouldn't be worried if it wasn't for other problems I have (digestive/ nervousness).

Try drinking one gallon ( yes, you read right...) of water tomorrow & see what happens. Often folks forget the kidneys still output about the same amount of used anions & metabolites whether you drink enough water or not. I bet your urine "clears up" in a big way within 6 hours, & the added H2O will give your system a break. Then try to imbibe about 64 oz./day.

When folks have fevers or are sick they may notice strong-smelling & dark urine, & this is partly due to dehydration. Actually, amber urine is not necessarily a bad sign, but light-colored to colorless is generally better. Cloudy urine, urine colored with blood, diffuculty or pain during urination, or things like a constant desire to urinate or a feeling of not emptying the bladder are symptoms that should probably be mentioned to your doc, as they may be symptoms of more serious conditions. Infrequent minor problems can usually be treated with sanitiation & cranberry juice (try Ocean Spray Crantastic for kids!). Not a big worry Lise!

However, if you are worried about your blood sugar, especially if you have any other symptoms of diabetes or phenylketolukenurea (like thirst, loss of energy, slow healing, family history etc.), just go get checked out. It's a cheap test.