Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Herbs for insomniacs
From: (Stacey B. Martin)
Date: 14 Mar 1994 22:47:25 GMT

> Please accept my apology for re-posting this if it has already been discussed, but I was wondering what herbs (as tea? capsules?) are good for insomniacs? How do they react with other herbs/vitamins? Which ones are available in the US and which need to be ordered from abroad?
> Any help, advice, comments, etc. are most appreciated!

Valerian is an excellent muscle relaxer (like Valium). Only take for a couple of weeks at a time, because it can cause headaches. Give it about an hour to work.

Skullcap, passionflower, chamomile (pretty mild - good for children), hops are also good.

Why is the person unable to sleep? Is it not enough excercise, worry, depression, anxiety? Figure out the cause so that the remedy will be as specific as possible.

P.S. Don't take Vitamin C too near bedtime. Or ginseng. Or any stimulant. Smoking is the WORST for keeping you awake.


From: (Steven Zikopoulos)

> what herbs (as tea? capsules?) are good for insomniacs?

common ones are valerian root, hops, skullcap, camomille (can never spell that one) linden flower, passion flower and a few others. you can buy preps of combinations.

tryptophan for some people was an excellent sleep aid, but alas it is no longer OTC.

oh, californian poppies (not opium poppies.....although they would certainly do the trick) are also mentioned frequently.

my 2 cents

Steve Zikpoulos

From: (Moreta)

What sort of insomnia are you talking about the normal stress type or just where the body is dead tired and the mind is running 50 million miles an hour?

I tend to use self hypnosis when I am at the later point..
For the first one. I will use things starting with warm milk, I know its what your mom use to give you.. but warming milk releases the tryptophan, and helps you relax. Other things that I have found that works is extract of Valerian and Chamomile in a cup or warm water or herbal tea. Cutting back on caffiene several hours before having to go to sleep, also helps if you have a problem with that. B vitamins tend to help some with stress, others it doesn't. Doing some exercise before bed or taking a hot bath or shower with essential oils of marjoram and chamomile added. Also helps relax a person or even just putting a couple of drops on a cotton ball and putting it in the pillowcase, if you don't have a diffuser that can be placed near the bed.