Cayenne liniment / oil.

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Date: Fri, 28 Jul 1995 07:58:57 -0600
From: Christina Susalski <CSUSALSKI..TDH.STATE.TX.US>
Subject: Cayenne Pepper Liniment?

Dear Folks,

I have finally found a commercial creme that contains cayenne pepper (Arthricare). I was wondering, though, if any of you have a "recipe" to make my own liniment containing cayenne pepper. I use this for arthritic conditions, achey muscles, etc. I do have my own concoction of massage oil containing grain alcohol, mineral oil and wintergreen - was wondering if it would be possible for cayenne pepper to set up in that also.

From: "MG" <bj979.YFN.YSU.EDU>

> I have finally found a commercial creme that contains cayenne pepper

Something you might want to try, careful though, it probably has a kick.

Herbal liniment (external use)

2 ounces powdered myrrh
1 ounce powdered golden seal root
½ ounce cayenne pepper
1 quart rubbing alcohol (70%)
mix, let stand 7 days, shake well every day
decant off, bottle in corked bottles...
you can make it without golden seal if necessary (Goldenseal is endangered - do NOT use it. --Henriette)

from Jethro Kloss' Back to Eden

Keep it away from your eyes..... (needless to say I'm sure)

From: "Peter L. Schuerman" <plschuerman.UCDAVIS.EDU>


My instincts say that you shouldn't mix cayenne with either alcohol or wintergreen. But you could make an oil of just cayenne as follows:

1) mix 1 tsp cayenne and 1 cup massage oil (almond, apricot). Place in a warm spot for a few weeks, shaking occasionally. Allow to settle, then pour off the oil and strain if necessary. Use sparingly.


2) make a strong infusion (tea) of cayenne (1 tsp in 4 cups of boiling water, covered until cool). Strain to remove cayenne. Add 1 cup of oil and *simmer* slowly on stove until the water is evaporated; the cayenne essence will go into the oil, which you can then strain (if necessary) and use sparingly.

Hope that works for you,

From: Anita F Hales <JSAFH.ACA.ALASKA.EDU>

It is OK to mix cayenne with alcohol. I do it all the time in various compounds and tinctures. I would use 1 tbsp to a pint of vodka or other alcohol. Depends on heat units of cayenne.

(In fact, you can make a cayenne tincture at 1:5 95 % - it has quite a kick, so a drop or three is plenty. --Henriette)

From: James B Roberts <jroberts.MES.MESA.COLORADO.EDU>

> I have finally found a commercial creme that contains cayenne pepper

Here is a recipe from Chile Pepper mag. This will make a lotion but you can make a cream by adding melted beeswax to the warm oil. Be sure to stir thoroughly and shake the bottle til cool.

8-10 oz. habanero chiles (i think you could put cayenne or any chilies you wanted. Habs might be too hot.) Chopped with seeds.
1 qt. olive oil
Combine and bring to a slow boil. Reduce and simmer for 4 hrs. and cool 4 hrs. Repeat twice more.
Place in blender and blend for 20 secs. Strain and place in small bottles. Yield 8 4oz containers. You can enhance the formula by adding 40 drops of lavender oil to the strained lotion. Remember do not rub eye.