Congestion, sinus troubles.

Date: Mon, 24 Jul 1995 20:21:48 EDT
Subject: Headaches, sinus pain


Does anyone have any suggestions for herbal remedies to ease sinus headaches and also for clearing congestion? I would appreciate any ideas.

Date: Tue, 25 Jul 1995 13:15:21 -0400
From: Deb Phillips <ARmidwife.AOL.COM>
Subject: Re: Headaches, sinus pain

>clearing congestion

I use ginger for clearing congestion.

Deb Phillips

From: Deb Phillips <ARmidwife.AOL.COM>

> Do you make a tea?

Ginger works well in many forms. Ginger capsule is easy. Jamaican Ginger Brew (a brand of soda you can buy) is fun. And ginger tea is also very effective. I find these work better than any over the counter cold remedy.

From: Kirk Adams <kadams.SPL.LIB.WA.US>

A naturopath here in Seattle recommended several things for me that help a lot, most effective is a shiatsu massage, self administered, index and middle fingers of both hands close together pressing on points, fairly hard for a couple of seconds. Starting with middle of forehead, working back to nape of neck, pressing every inch or so. Moving otward to upper corners of forehead and back. Crossing hands over press sharply into muscles above shoulder blades. Then temples, each side of the nose. middle of forehead. Massage ears. Squeeze fleshy part of hand between thumb and index finger. And then pressure points on feet. Archn ball, sides of Achilles. I now do this dialy and my sinus headaches are largely gone.

Also recommneded drinking green tea. Also, ganmao tea, white parts of green onion, fresh ginger simmered in water, add honey.

Let's see.....also some menthol based aromatic stuff I buy in the international District here, label in Chinese, dab on the sinus regions and inhale. I don't use that too often, the other things seem to work well.

From: Carol Goss <0002011728.MCIMAIL.COM>

For years I was plagued by sinus headaches and infections.

A few years ago I began using a "facial steam bath" (one inch of water with a pinch of chamomile brought nearly to a boil with lid on).
Recommended for 10 min., inhale as hot as you can take it with towel over head, no more than twice a day.
The immediate effect is a clearing of the sinus passages and the cumulative effect is a killing of the bacteria in the sinus so that an infection doesn't develop.
Thyme is purported to be as effective.

I must add that this regime is accompanied by eating a large clove of raw garlic each day - (mashed into pesto sauce, with fresh bread), and also massage similar to that mentioned in the Shiatsu response.

All in all, within three days I can eliminate a condition which used to invariably go from congested sinuses to bronchitis.

This procedure is now willingly practiced by family and friends with the same results, if started at the onset of symptoms.

Hope this is useful.

Carol Goss