Newsgroups: rec.gardens
From: (Rastapoodle)
Date: 03 Dec 1995 16:03:32 GMT
Subject: Re: Herbs - decongestant

Heck, I still stick by the original recommendation for decongestants: use 1 tsp of cayenne pepper in a cup of hot chicken soup, taken several times a day. Also, hot thyme tea, and inhalants made by Olbas (from Switzerland, available in most health food stores) which contain menthol, thyme, eucalyptus, and other decongestants, are invaluable in clearing out the mucous and opening air passageways.

I particularly like the double benefits of cayenne: 1) the essential oils of red peppers cut through the mucous, and help move it out of the congested area. 2) red pepper, according to the USDA, and many other well-researched sources!, is the #1 source of Vitamin C, believe it or not. So, after the essential oil has moved the mucous out, the red pepper in the tea lays down a dose of Vitamin C to the afflicted are, helping regenerate and restore the tissue.

I have advised many people to use this mixture, and have even cured a few of chronic bronchitis.

Hope this helps. if the red pepper irritates, and it will, ride out the tears and nose-blowing, and coughing -- then eat a little bread to help absorb the heat left in your mouth.


Nothing beats cayenne pepper or Tabasco sauce as a natural decongestant. One does of this fire and your sinuses will be cleared up pronto. Works great for me

From: (Will)

A great remedy for relief from various wintertime ailments is:

½ tsp. of fresh horseradish mixed w/
½ tsp. of fresh lemon juice

Also, I drink carrot/radish juice daily to ward off colds/etc. Last year I had bronchitis and cured it with the above...