Datura, nightshade.

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From: cyronwode.aol.com (Cyronwode)
Date: 28 Dec 1995 03:56:42 -0500
Subject: Re: Datura? Nightshade?

> >What do you all know about these 2 herbs, Datura and Nightshade? I've been told they have some mild psychoactive effects, so before I go chucking some of this stuff on my charcoal I'd like to know more. Are they used medicinally or just recreationally? How potentially strong/longlasting can their effects be?
> The effects of both are potentially permanent: as in PERMANENTLY DEAD! This is not merely someone wanting you to not have fun - survivors reports describe it as a really bad trip.

I am one such "survivor." For me, belladonna (same stuff, essentially) was a serious nightmare trip, lasting two WEEKS without respite and two more years of intense horror-filled lfashbacks to ghastly hellish zones. In the immortal words of Joe Tex (although he was singing about soemthing else entirely), "Don't do it, DON'T DO IT!"

From: connie9120.aol.com (Connie9120)

>What do you all know about these 2 herbs, Datura and Nightshade? I've

I answer: DANGER!!! The alkaloids in the plants vary as much as the environment in which these herbs are grown! One plant can give you a buzz, the other can give you a tombstone. My friend concocted what he thought to be a "harmless" tea from Datura -- not too strong he thought -- and I next spoke with him in the hospital where he was kept for 3 days until the effects wore off.

Unless you plan to grow your own in a VERY controlled environment and test only minute amounts incrementally, I would recommend that you not venture into the world of loco weed.

I would be interested in hearing of any other experiences with these plants.