Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Sleep & Diarrhea
From: tcaldec.Direct.ca (Todd Caldecott)
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 1995 13:16:58 -0800

> Just wondering if there is something to control or stop diarrhea.

short term: psyllium husk mixed with 8 oz. water, drink less than 4 glasses of water each day
mid term: blackberry root tea; 30g/250 ml 3X/day, infuse for 10 min OR carob powder, 2 heaping tbsp in water
longer term: triphala (an ayurvedic formula) follow dosage on bottle, enteric coated acidophilus, dietary management: basmati rice, vegetables and pulses (cooked with ginger)

From: Paul.Simard%gathering.helix.eskimo.com (Paul Simard)

> Just wondering if there is something to control or stop diarrhea.

Many forms of *mild* diarrhea are just the body trying to rid itself of something bacterial or toxic. Usually, when the diarrhea is controlled under these circumstances, the problem merely persists several days longer, until the body can be rid of the irritant.

Concentrate on keeping the electrolytes in balance, and the fluids replenished, and let the body's natural systems work as designed to purge the system. For example, after each movement, drink 2 glasses of clean water. (This is in addition to the 8 glasses you should be drinking daily anyway.) Pick up a *good* sports drink, with carbos, natural sugars and minerals to help rebalance your blood chemistry.

Check the label of PediaLyte (I think it's called). That's a fluid replenisher for infant diarrhea. It has water and chemical additives to rebalance electrolytes in children with diarrhea. It's also available at supermarkets, 7-11's etc. in the baby sections.

Note: This is *MILD* diarrhea I'm talking about. Loose/liquid stools in movements some hours apart. *Severe* diarrhea is a dangerous condition, and can kill you through dehydration fairly quickly.