Dong Quai for PMS.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
From: az670.FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Marcia Nanamkin)
Date: 23 Dec 1995 16:14:16 GMT
Subject: Re: Dong Quai

>>Could anybody tell me any thing about the herb Dong Quai?
> It's the best herb I've seen for helping women going through menopause. It is a great estrogen substitute.

I take Dong Quai every day to help with my menstrual cycle and during my period I also take an herbal mix called PMS syndrome. I used to have cramps so bad it was just like being in labor, morning sickness, back labor, horrible mood swings, bloating and if I was really lucky I had about four days of the month where I actually felt good. My doctor refused to remove my uterus because it was healthy! Never mind the fact that my life was in shambles because of this. The only thing I had to take was Ibuprofen to help with the cramps. I'd had this horrible problem for a little over twenty years. I am SO glad my friend hung in there and coazed me into trying these herbs!! I have my life back, it has totally changed me because I feel so good, so healthy and absolutely no problems with my period now!

From: Deb Skinner <>

>Could anybody tell me any thing about the herb Dong Quai?

I have used Dong Quai for years to aid my systems post-hysterectomy imbalance. My chiropractor first recommended that I try it. I have blessed her monthly ever since.

I took a capsule a day for 28 days and 'listened' to my body. Then I skipped a week and 'listened' some more. It didn't take but a few months to learn which weeks I needed to take the herb.

I have had better results (less aches, bitchiness, etc.[you know, menopausal symptoms]) with Dong Quai than I ever did taking the expensive hormone replacement drugs the MD prescribed. And I take it when I need it, not every day for the rest of my life depending on some prescription.