Ear infections.

Newsgroups: misc.health.alternative,alt.com,alt.folklore.herbs
From: Michael Wedge <mikew.alaska.net>
Date: 02 Dec 1995 03:09:29 GMT
Subject: Re: Ear Infections - Help?

One of the most common causes of recurrent ear infections in infants and young children is related to food allergies. The use of antibiotics for otitis media has come under fire and may be only minimally effective. Food allergies result in swelling, and moisture accumulation which makes for an excellent medium for bacteria to grow. Once the infection is resolved, the environment for establiahing a new infection remain and usually rapidly occurs. Although the types of foods one can be sensitive/allergic to is nearly endless, the most ccommon are dairy (in all its forms), soy, wheat, corn. The first step is to remove these from the diet. Use whatever method you choose to to resolve the infection, but it may clear up on its own. It has been my experience that about 90% of recurring otitis media will be resolved with this treatment. I recently came across an article by a pediatrician that stated he felt the percentage was about 70%. What ever figure you choose to believe, the result is a substantial amount of suffering can be resolved by considering food allergies.

Mike M.Ac.O.M., L.Ac.