Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Help! My Daughter Has Eczema :(
From: (Kay)
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 1995 13:41:16 -0400

Michael Stovall wrote:
> My Daughter who is three years old has eczema, has had it since birth. We have tried all sorts of medical "cures", nothing has worked. Does anyone out there know of any herbal remedies or treatments. Its really hard to watch my child suffer like this.

My little nephrew had the same problem since birth. What my sister did was give him two tablespoons of cold pressed safflower oil AND got rid of any dairy products out of his diet.

Note: It could be a number of food or fabric allergies. Take her to an Allergist and test her out.

From: (KathyDH)

One person told me that it is likely a wheat allergy. My children get exzema too and I recently cleared it up with Aveeno. It hasn't come back for 2 months now.

From: Diane Marie Chan <>

>My Daughter who is three years old has eczema, has had it since birth.

My two-year old daughter has also suffered from a very itchy, red (sometimes weepy) eczema in the folds of her inner elbows and inner knees and neck, near the lymph nodes, and this began to develop one month after I had weaned her at 23 months old and I had been giving her fresh pasteurised cow's milk. For some months I tried various remedies (anything but change the diet), and finally capitulated to an herbalist's advice to stop giving cow's milk and chocolate and see what happened. Immediately we stopped all cow's milk and chocolate and within one month the eczema disappeared from the elbows and knees, but still clung to the neck folds. Unfortunately,while traveling,she ate some cheese. At once the eczema reappeared full-blown! She is now drinking soya milk with calcium supplements in her diet and not allowed chocolate, cheese, milk or food items prepared with any of these ingredients. However, she does seem to be okay with yoghurt made from cow's milk. We are also careful about her sugar intake. I have obtained from an herbalist a wonderful ointment which relieves the itchiness and clears up the red patches within one day. He, however, is secretive as to the ingredients. I do know that one of the ingredients is St.John's Wort. I have also tried applying jojoba oil, with some success. Primrose oil also relieved the symptoms, but really only kept it at bay. It is important to try to ascertain the cause of the allergy and avoid. I am hoping that perhaps she will eventually get it out of her system, but perhaps not. The herbalist also recommended giving her echinacea, to strengthen her immunity, together with acidophilus.
So good luck with your daughter, too.--Das Chan