Fly repellant: EO mix.

Date: Mon, 17 Jul 1995 19:34:19 -0600
From: starla lacy <cedint21.ACS.UCALGARY.CA>
Subject: Re: Herbal insect repellent

frgntgar.OZEMAIL.COM.AU wrote:
> > Does this work for flies? They are the most annoying creatures in the whole world!!
> I have found that wormwood helps, especially if rubbed on hat/clothes.

Here in Canada, we struggle with flies the size of horses! This essential oil mix has always worked great for me:
3 parts lemongrass (or citronella)
1 part thyme
2 parts lavender
1 part peppermint (or eucalyptus)
Mix together in a new plant sprayer (you may dilute with springwater if desired) This mix also has the advantage of smelling pleasant and is safe for use around kids and pets.

Starla Lacy