Weak fingernails.


Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
From: David Powner <David.filtermx.demon.co.uk>
Date: 21 Dec 1995 18:26:23 GMT
Subject: Re: cracked fingernails

> My mother has high ridges longitudinal in her fingernails, which occasionally crack at the ends. She would like to know if anyone has any recommendations in this group, as to cause and treatment. Thanks...

Brittle, ridged nails are a sign of iron deficiency (anaemia). Suggest you look for other signs of anaemia (of which there are several types). These could be actual loss of blood, particularly in the digestive tract, an insufficency of iron in the diet, or the inability of the body to absorb iron for various reasons.

Other symptoms: Sore mouth/tongue, headaches, fatigue

From: white.nando.net (white)

You might also try using vitamin E, both internal and the liquid form rubbed on the hands. I am not sure how well this works for cracked nails, but, it does wonders for strengthening the nails.

From: emsplants.aol.com (EMSplants)

I've heard that ridges in the nails could possibly be caused by a B vitamin deficiency.