Ginseng and dreams.

From: (Michael Moore)
Date: 05 Nov 1995 18:59:46 GMT
Subject: Re: Rampant dreaming! Lecithin or Gensing?

> First of all, let me state, I'm new to this alternative health scene.
> I have recently started taking Lecithin and Gensing. I have found that it has had very little noticeable effect other than the fact that I now seem to remember almost all of my dreams and seem to be sleeping lighter than I used to. I awake FAIRLY refreshed, but have not really noticed an increase in energy. I have only been taking these for about two weeks now and have been told that it may take up to a month to see results from the dosages I take.
> My question is...
> Is it the Lecithin or the Gensing that is causing this effect?

In my experience, MOST folks experience enhanced dreaming when they first start taking Ginseng (either Panax Ginseng [uncured] or P. quinquefolium). For most it only lasts a short time (a few days) and you need to have NOT taken Ginseng for a few months for the effect to again return. For some, the lucid dreaming occurs ONLY the very first time they take Ginseng and never again. I, in fact, used to warn some haggard adrenalin-stress customers (those that compulsed off of symbolic Wolf-At-The-Door self-manipulations) to wait until the week-end to start some Ginseng...else they might lose sleep.

Folks that have TRIED to use this effect in dream-therapy didn't find it held up very well.

It DOES moderately enhance senses...colors stay a little brighter, food tastes a little better, etc. Although this effects STAYS, folks simply get used to it.