Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 05:20:42 -0600
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From: Kay and Pete Hanson <kidkaos.USLINK.NET>
Subject: Re: Hiccoughs

> HELP! My father suffers from hiccoughs in the worst way; he sometimes has them for periods ranging from hours to days(4 days is his personal best). He started again yesterday morning and is still going strong. Doctors say the same thing as everyone else: drink water, breathe into a paper bag, sip water 7 times, have someone frighten you, etc.
>Does anyone know of anything that might work?

Hiccups are actually caused by your diaphram, so if you can change your breathing you can usually get rid of the hiccups. What works for me is to set aside several minutes to meditate. (tell him to plan on 10 or fifteen to start, it shouldn't take that long) Help him relax, and think of deep breathing, using all his stomach muscles, not shallow upper chest breathing. Relax and concentrate on breathing, except the hiccups, and just breath deep. By changing your breathing he should get rid of the hiccups. there is no right or wrong way to get rid of hiccups. All the different methods involve altering your breathing. I can usually get rid of mine within a minute or two. Good Luck!!!

Note=i am not a doctor, this is what works for me.


This will sound strange but it really works ...
Taking a regular bite of a banana and swallowing it without chewing it will eliminate hiccups for most people. For severe cases it may only be a tempo temporary respite but it's a nice break. Apparently, the large soft bite relaxes the diaphragm for a sufficient length of time to interrupt the spasms. Other similar textured foods can also work but The bananas seem to work best.

Good luck - from someone that once had hiccups for several days and got breaks only by eating bananas!

From: Alethea Raspa <alethea.COUGAR.MULTILINE.COM.AU>

> HELP! My father suffers from hiccoughs in the worst way

My sister suffered hiccoughs in the same way. Our family tradition was to 'drink from the wrong side of the cup' only that didn't work.

What did work was to sip small quantities (about 1 teaspoon) of undiluted vinegar (any version). It seems to unspasm the diaphragm, although I wouldn't be too sure of the actual mechanism, it works for us.

From: Anita F Hales <JSAFH.ACA.ALASKA.EDU>

My father suffered the same thing recently. It was found that he had a growth (non malignant) in his esophagus and a hiatal hernia both of which seemed to contribute to his hiccups. He has been getting treatment from a doctor who uses some kind of a thing that he swallows to stretch the esophageal opening. It helps but the doctor says that he will ultimately need surgery to correct the problem and eliminate the need for frequent biopsies to check for cancer. Have him checkd by a different doctor.

From: Bob Jines <bjines.RA.OC.COM>

>HELP! My father suffers from hiccoughs in the worst way

I have had some luck with dill. I make it for my wife in a tea. I mix it with chamomile. I use dill seeds and crush them. Put the mixture in a infuser and set to steep in tea water for 15 minutes. Not a instant cure but seems to help. [pretty good choice of herbs - both help with cramps. -Henriette]