Cream of tartar: high BP.

Date: Tue, 15 Aug 1995 12:13:36 -0400
From: Deb Phillips <ARmidwife.AOL.COM>
Subject: Re: Herb of the week

>garlic for high blood pressure

A good cure for elevated bp is 2 T of cream of tartar in the juice of half a lemon with a little water. Take once a day for three days, rest one day and repeat. It will drop the bp about 30/15. I only had to take the first three days to show a significant drop.

From: Deb Phillips <ARmidwife.AOL.COM>

>Do you actually mean 2 Tablespoons cream of tartar.

My error. It is 2 teaspoons in juice of half lemon with half cup of water (or as desired on the water).

This info is posted in Susan Weed's Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Years. I have seen it work on myself. I didn't have to repeat it until 6 months later when I went through another stress. Then 2 years later I had to do it again. This was the only thing I did for my bp except take a little garlic.

This remedy is not so hard to take as some have asked. It is a little chalky but is not bad to the taste. I always added a little more water after drinking it first so as to not leave any of the cream of tartar in the bottom of the glass.

I have had some friends who took it along with the blood pressure meds they were taking. I think they even asked their doc who of course had no idea about it and thinking it was just a food product (which it is) said he couldn't see why they shouldn't take it.

I have used it extensively in my pregnant clients with great success.

Deb Phillips

From: Paula Heuschkel <Senequier.AOL.COM>

I have also used cream of tartar when I had a urinary tract infection and could not reach my doctor (saturday or sunday, after hours, you know). I use one tsp with some lemon in a small glass of water. It takes care of the spasms and the pain fairly promptly.