Hulda Clarke: the Cure of All Cancers.

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Subject: The Cure for all Cancers. Please Vote here...
From: Kavosh Soltani <kavosh.DGS>
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 1995 09:17:52 -0400

I just read portions of the book, "The Cure for all Cancers", Copyright Hulda Regher Clark, Ph.D., N.D., 1993. It seems fascinating, to say the least. :-)

The question I have is not only on the plausibility of the proposed treatment, but also - and more importantly - on possibility of toxicity or other complications. Please share your expert knowledge...

Patient: 2 Year old Boy with Metastatic Osteosarcoma (Primary site, Multiple Bones and Lung)
Status: Currently receiving Chemotherapy (5th round) (Adriamycin, Cisplatin, Ifosfemide)
Complication: Kidneys eliminate minerals (i.e. potassium, magnesium) too quickly and dangerously. He is receiving daily oral supplements.
Additional Measures: The child is on Organic Food and spring water.
He is eating more fruits/vegetables/beans than before.
He is receiving daily doses of laughter.
We are trying to help him develop visualization techniques.
Junk food has been eliminated from his diet.
Upon recommendation of Oncologist, no Vitamin Supplements are given.
Alternative Treatments: None to date.
Prognosis: Statistically poor (10% - 5 year)
If the Chemotherapy is successful, he will look forward to extensive surgery (Bone/limb removal, lung excision, etc.), followed by additional Chemotherapy.
Hulda Clark's "Cure":
In her book, she claims to be able to "cure" cancer in 3 weeks.
(By the Way, I have already read 20 other books, searched Medline, on-line databases, etc.) I find it interesting due to the short time it requires...

I would like all to keep an open mind!!! Most new advances in science were originally ridiculed by established scientific believes...

She attributes cancer to one of many types of Parasites that can complete their life cycle in human body (due to propyl alcohol accumulation). These parasites produce substances that cause our cells to divide uncontrollably...

This is the treatment she recommends for a two year old:
- Black Walnut Hull Tincture

Day 1: 1 drop, 4 times in water, juice, milk
Day 2: 2 drops, 4 times in water, juice, milk
Next 3 Months: 2 drops, once a day
- Wormwood Combination (Artemesia Absynthium with male fern, quassia, black walnut leaves, cloves)
Day 1: 1 Capsule with water before supper
Day 2: 2 Capsules before supper
Day 3: "
Day 4: "
After: 2 Capsules, twice a week
- Freshly Ground Cloves:
Day 1: 1 Capsule before each meal (3 times)
Day 2: 2 Capsules before each meal
Day 3-10: 2 Capsules before each meal
Next 3 Months: 3 Capsules, once a day
Forever: 3 Capsules, 2 times a week

According to Dr. Clark, in 5 days most parasites & Eggs are dead. Naturally, after cleansing, she recommands new way of life and procedure for eliminating Propyl Alhohol in Liver....

Do you think these combinations of herbs could be dangerous (More than the child's prognosis)?

Is it likely they will interfere/interact with Chemotherapy? (Dr. Clark suggests we could use both at the same time)

Thank you for your time.

Please contribute your constructive ideas.

From: (Michael)

>I just read portions of the book, "The Cure for all Cancers",

I have watched my mom slowly die over the last six months with Colorectal cancer and mets to the Liver, we have tried every thing possible from herbs to diet, some made her feel better some didn't, this was done along with conventional therapy. I don't know if alternative treatments work or not, but I don know that after every try and every claim came disappointment, and that disappointment has little by little taken just a bit more of life away from her.

She is still alive and fighting, I am not saying alternatives work or don't I think I am saying please for your sake and your family's sake go into theese treatments really understanding what they are and know they are not miracle cures. The best place to heal the body I have found unfortunately for myself and my mom is the heart.

From: (Pearse Ward)

> I just read portions of the book, "The Cure for all Cancers", Copyright

If she believes that cancer is caused by some propanol-dependent parasite (does she name it?) then she is wrong.

In the case of osteosarcoma, she is dead wrong. You can induce osteosarcoma experimentally by several routes. All involve agents that damage DNA (radiation, retroviruses). There are also heritable conditions that predispose one to developing osteosarcoma (familial retinoblastoma, Li-Fraumeni syndrome) in which the genetic lesion is well described. These can be reproduced in transgenic mice by specifically knocking out the same genes. You can also take osteosarcomas out of a patient and introduce the genes known to be mutated in osteosarcoma. The tumour cells become non-tumorigenic.

Many tumours are growth factor-dependent, but the growth factors in question are produced by the tumour itself or the cells in its immediate environment. There is no need to posit the existence of a parasite of some sort (and no evidence for the existence of one. If a parasite was a factor, might not cancers be contagious?)

Perhaps Dr. Clark's suggestions for treatment might work (who knows?). I doubt she has any data that back up her claim that it does (anecdotal evidence won't cut it). Osteosarcoma is a very malignant, very rapid disease. Containing it requires a rapid response. If this treatment doesn't interfere with conventional treatment, and the doctors have no objections, by all means try it. Otherwise, I know if it were me or someone I knew, I would put my faith in the chemo/radiation/surgery. There is one experimental trial being run at MD Anderson in Houston, that uses an immune modulator (muramyltripeptide phosphatidylethanolamine) in liposomes to stimulate anti-tumour immunity (mostly by non-specifically activating macrophages and NK cells). It has had positive results in
canine and human osteosarcoma in extending survival and disease-free interval after surgery.


Pearse Ward
Dep't Veterinary Microbiology
Western College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, SK

From: (Eric M. Chevlen)

: I just read portions of the book, "The Cure for all Cancers", Copyright

This regimen is worthless quackery. In an adult, were it harmless (and this is not proven), it might at least have the value of generating hope (I'll leave to others the discussion of whether false hope is better than no hope). But a two-year old child cannot even have this benefit. Kids hate taking medicine. Giving your little boy more medicine to take will reduce, not enhance, his quality of life. I say don't do it.

Eric Chevlen, MD
Medical oncology, Youngstown, Ohio