Date: Wed, 16 Aug 1995 01:02:31 -0400
From: Deb Phillips <ARmidwife.AOL.COM>
Subject: Re: pregnancy and fertility

The best way to become pregnant is to take the NFP classes through Couple to Couple League. It is used as a very good form of birth control by being able to spot the time of conception. This also works to get pregnant. And is so much better that anything the docs do. You can go to all the fertility specialists and they will not get you pregnant, then one NFP class and you are there. Exaggeration of course. But I have seen it work. Also, there is a book entitled Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition by Marilyn Shannon. This is a really good book to read for those having trouble conceiving. Not only does it address the infertility of the woman but also that of the man.