Lemon balm.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Uses for Lemon Balm?
From: Marylin.Kraker.BBS.Systm.COM (Marylin Kraker)
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 1995 22:12:02 GMT

> Does anyone know any uses for lemon balm other than for tea and the scent?
> I have the stuff growing wild all over the place. It smells real good when I mow it :-). It really must like it here because it comes up every year and grows in huge clumps 2+ feet high. I put some in my dogs bedding to improve the odor, but the effect wears off rather quickly.

You can make a really great iced tea by putting some sprigs of the lemon balm in a teakettle with one teabag (I use decaf) and bringing to a boil. I feel deprived when I run out in the late winter!!

From: barbst.aol.com (BarbSt)

It makes a great ice water for those of us in the desert. I also freeze a leaf or two in a bottle of water for hikes in the summer months. Also, try flavoring Indian cooking -- gives a lovely hint of citrus to curries, also to sauteed, but delicate, vegetables like zucchini.

From: vdavis.netins.net (Donna)

>Does anyone know any uses for lemon balm other than for tea and the scent?

Dear Scotty,
You are lucky...you can't use dried lemon balm because all the volatile oils are destroyed in the process (though it still smells and tastes good as a tea). Gather fresh leaves just before flowering for the best effect and use them fresh in a tea for colds, flu, (you'll sweat) depression, headache, and insomnia. Brew according to your taste.