Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: REQ: Natural for head lice
From: Stephanie Goble <>
Date: 2 Jun 1995 18:46:23 GMT

> Have a question, I have a child in elementry school and unfortunatly there are head lice that go around perodically. According to the info. on the "Lendine Shampoo," the inpesticides can or will cause nervous disorders and hypertension. It says that it can also kill.

If you follow the directions and don't drink it, it is safe and effective. Certainly better than having a child scratching bleeding sores and infecting the whole family.

> There has to be some sort of a natural way to get rid of this problem when it is necessary.

Shaving or clipping the infected hairs will get rid of the nits (eggs), and a pyrethum (Chrysanthemum species) based insecticide might get the adults, but these are TOUGH bugs to kill. They are far tougher than the human skin. My grandmother's remedy was kerosene rinse (nasty stuff and irritates the scalp) and a fine-tooth comb.

The tricks to minimize the re-infection within your house:

  1. assume that everyone is infected as soon as you spot one case and treat them ALL at the same time
  2. boil all combs and brushes and hair toys that you can
  3. 3. wash all linens in HOT soapy water with bleach
  4. 4. Put all non-washables in a black plastic trash bag and leave it in the sun for a few days (heat sterilization)
  5. 5. If the items can't stand heat, seal them in a trash bag and leave them for a few weeks (I forget how long the adults can go without feeding - you might want to check a parasitology book)

From: (Moreta)

What we use to do at the camps I worked at with liced bedding was take it to a laundermat with a large dryer and put them into it for a 30-45 min run at the highest temp available, and let it run, then wash it and dry it again. Which is what they use to do at the hospital.