Melatonin thoughs.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Melatonin questions...
From: (CathyDM)
Date: 1 Oct 1995 03:49:52 -0400

All the new interest in melatonin unfortunately overlooks something important. Why do we need melatonin supplements? Why are our bodies failing to produce enough?

Research I've seen says that our technology-dependent lifestyles interfere with natural melatonin production. As I understand it, our bodies produce melatonin only when it's dark out. Our heavy dependence on electric lights has drastically reduced our exposure to darkness. Hence, our own bodies have less chance to produce melatonin. This results in sleep problems and, some say, increased cancer.

Rather than change the root of the problem (admittedly a big change!), we're ignoring it completely and turning to quick technological fixes--pills of melatonin. This just continues our movement away from a healthy lifestyle in sync with nature and our bodies.