Menstrual cramps.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: ??? menstrual cramps
From: (Cathy Moore)
Date: 18 Oct 1995 00:19:38 GMT

> My friend Kerry would like to know about herbal relief for menstrual cramps.

I've had success taking magnesium and calcium regularly, starting a few days before my period is due. I usually take 400 mg of magnesium citrate and 200 mg. of calcium citrate, two or three times a day. Eating kale also helps (rich in the same minerals). I'm also intensely indebted to my hot water bottle.


> My friend Kerry would like to know about herbal relief for menstrual cramps.

A hot bath, masturbation, and a nap. Works like a charm.

From: Alicia Cosgrove <>

> My friend Kerry would like to know about herbal relief for menstrual cramps.

I've had wonderful success with equal parts dong quai, crampbark, and squawvine, ground to powder. Fill 00 sized capsules, take 2 with a glass of water every 4-6 hours as needed. This mixture has made the difference between non-fuctioning (vicious cramps, vomiting, cold chills, joint pain) and functioning. I've also used motherwort tincture, but I don't recommend an alcohol based tincture if nausea is present. For me, that's a surefire no-no. YMMV.

From: Amanda Stossel <>

> A hot bath, masturbation, and a nap. Works like a charm.

All those, plus high-bush cranberry bark (also known as crampbark) tea. Traditional Medicinals makes a tea called Female Toner which uses this and it accually tastes ok. If you live near lots of high bush cranberries though, you can harvest some of the bark for free. Magical stuff, cramps are gone by the time you finish the cup.

From: Pam Stricker <>

I have suffered from very painful menstrual cramps for nearly 20 years. What seems to have helped the most is diet and massage and also acupuncture. Dr. Susan Lark wrote a book on self help for cramps (and also a good book on endometriosis). In it she explains how the hormone family prostaglandins work.

The A type (altho I may have the different sections confused) cause painful cramps via smooth muscle contraction and are produced by meat and dairy products.

Prostaglandin type B which actually help prevent cramping are found in fish and soy products.

She offers dietary, vitamin and herb advice in her book. Anyway I have not followed her recommendations faithfully but I do notice a difference when I have dairy and meat as compared to fish or all veggie. Another thing that has been helpful to me is the myofacial release of the poas muscle (which is located in lower abdomen sort of by ovaries). This is really helpful right before the period begins. I think in my case it helps increase blood flow and reduce the stress I seem to carry there. I went to a massage therapist for that. Anyway while these things have not completely eliminated my cramps I can live on less Anaprox which I took in very large doses to sort of function during those couple days each month. Wishing you luck and pain free days.


PS I usally go to the massage therapist a few days before the 'big day' or therabouts. I have done this three times with a missed one after two months of massage and I really noticed more pain. What amazed me the most about the diet was that I had asked doctors for years about why I had the se cramps and they essentialy patted me on the head and said here take this drug. I felt I had no real choice the pain was just too unbearable.

From: Shannon Lee <71124.3512.CompuServe.COM>

I've also suffered from severe cramps, and I've found that raspberry leaf tea really works wonders! It's best to drink it as hot as possible.

Be sure to get real raspberry leaves--some commercial "raspberry" teas only contain the fruit or flavorings.

I'm sure your girlfriend would also appreciate your giving her a lower-back and abdomen massage!