Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
From: johnshep.ix.netcom.com (John Shepard)
Date: 15 Dec 1995 17:52:48 GMT
Subject: Re: Migrains

>There is a Migraine foundation located somewhere in Florida that gives helpful ideas. your doctor might know somthing about it. most of my triggers are food related and i am now a diet to help control them. and i am glad to say that as long as i stick with it it works! Don't use Tylenol (acetemetophen [sp?] products) use only N-Saids like ibruprofen, aspirin, and naprosyn. Tylenol will give you a rebound migraine. other than that a good meditation course is also a good idea. keep a diary. it will help you find out when you are getting them and maybe establish a pattern.

My wife had about a migraine a month for the last three years. Then she began drinking more water. She drinks 4 quarts of filtered water over the day, and has not had a migraine for the last 5 months. She also avoids her triggers, like red wine, but she was doing that before, too. It might be a cheap, safe fix, and it can't hurt.