Mouse trap.

Date: Fri, 22 Dec 1995 12:22:30 -0600
From: "R.M.K." <iss.RCI.RIPCO.COM>
Subject: Re: rodents et. al

| I too, would like to hold back these rodents. We're using traps - husband must unload though. Went through one a day, then nothing. Yesterday, sick in bed with a cold and I hear this whinning and it managed to get himself under the sink cabinet. Now do we have to undo the plumbing or let him rot. Getting tired of clapping my hands each time I enter a room. As for cats heard too many stories of them bringing them to you as their award - ALIVE. I'd die.

This has been discussed at LENGTH here, & other newsgroups. *NO* herbal sachet is going to keep mice out of your nice warm house, where there is food to be found. <period>

If you don't <or can't> do a kitty 'swat' team... and you have LOTZ of meeces, try the trashcan trick: Put a couple inches of sunflower seed in the bottom of a large plastic garbagecan... put the can near a countertop, or shelf which the mice use. The mice will jump in the can after the seed, and can't get out.!!. I've captured over a dozen mice a day using this trick. The layer of seed prevent them from jumping out, but make sure the sides of the can are CLEAN, because the little rascals can actually 'run' up the sides of a dirty can..!!. Of course, it's up to you to deal with a can of live meeces.