Tasty teas.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Tea recipies
From: Hart North <bids.nbnet.nb.nb.ca>
Date: 2 Aug 1995 16:35:42 GMT

I've been experimenting with some simple herbal teas. Peppermint, camomile and a little lemon Basil. Any other suggestions using commonly found herbs? Also, when referring to Raspberry leaf tea is this the common red raspberry that grows wild (yep.)? How many fresh leaves would you use (a few twigs.)?

From: johnpratt.aol.com (JohnPratt)

This may not sound simple but it uses fairly common herbs. I drink it mainly for taste but it does help your digestion. (It's a variant on chai. -Henriette)

2 Cinnomon sticks, 8-10 Green Cardomon Pods, 1 tsp. ground Ginger Root, 1/4 tsp. Anise (Star if you can find it), 1/4 tsp. Pink Pepper Corns and 6 whole Cloves. Crush the ingrediants just prior to making the tea. Put 'em in an infuser and steep them with black tea. Remove the black tea after 5mins. The tea should be ready in another 5. Drink with half & half. Experiment with the ratios of the herbs; the above amounts are just a guess at what I usually use.

Subject: Need Iced tea suggestions
From: andreaw.primenet.com (andrea wasson)

We recently bought one of those iced tea makers. The directions say to use loose tea blends over bags to brew. Thank goodness we found a Good Earth Health food/grocery near us that has a ton of different loose tea leaves available.... does anyone have a favorite blend for one? We are drinking so much iced tea now...just moved to Az and the 110+ heat demanded a switch from coffee to a cooler drink ...we just don't want it to get boring for us.

From: HarryR.megaweb.com (Harry Roedersheimer)

> .... does anyone have a favorite blend for one?

Darjeeling is by far a favorite. Nice flavor, aroma. Russian Caravan is also a great tea. Of course the flavored teas, like Earl Grey. And Prince of Wales is a nice blend. By the way, loose tea is great, but don't shy away from tea bags. Just figure out the equivalent, and use them if you've got them.

From: jsnead.netcom.com (John R. Snead)

One of my faves is 50% rosehips, 50% hybiscus flowers, sweeten with honey, or mix 3 cups with one cup grape or apple juice.

BTW, the rosehips & hybiscus flower mixture is one of the oldest tea recipies known, the ancient Egyptians used it (it has been found in tombs). Yummy stuff to : )

From: Big Mambo <almart.metronet.com>

Iced peppermint tea, with a squirt of lime and honey does the trick for me during the summer.