Yeast syndrome.

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Subject: Re: Yeast syndrome? fact or fiction?
From: Tracie Manso <>
Date: 13 Apr 1995 22:12:34 GMT (Lori M. Holder-Webb) wrote:
> >> > I went to my health food shop asking them for something for my allergies (I am allergic to everything) and they said I might have this chronic yeast syndrome. I took this test from a book and from the test score, the book says I have this. The treatment for it seems very long and complicated, so if there is anyone out there who has had experience in this, I would love to hear you input. I read another article in the MAYO clinic health book that said that candidas infection is a quackery scam and not to take the treatment.
> >> > Both my husband and myself have been sick for more than two years with something that our doctor cannot explain. Our symptoms are, allergies, skin rashes, fevers, fatigue, joint pains, stomach problems, dizziness, sinus drainage, and we feel like crap all the time. [Could be anything. Probably something like mold in the walls. -Henriette]
> >> > Is there anyone out there with some knowlege on the subject?
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> >Get yourself a real good doctor. I know that is not a very popular thing to say on this newsgroup, but a good doctor will order certain test, like a stool test for instance which can tell you if you have a yeast (candida) problem.
> I can't second this loud enough. There's no telling if the people at the health food store are qualified to diagnose your condition (probably not, or they'd be practicing medicing, not working a counter); as for the book, people can write anything and publish it. You really do owe it to yourself to get this thing properly diagnosed.


I agree with the reply's you've received so far in as much as you should get diagnosed correctly first. But, I don't agree that a traditional M.D will be able to help you much, if the diagnosis is of a chronic yeast infection. I had a chronic yeast infection (candida albicans) for ten years and the doctors I visited had no clue how to help me, except to give me sulpha based drugs, which over time really exacerbated the problem.

I have since completely healed from my problem, which was very real, mainly through diet, large doses of acidophilus and some herbs like Pau D'Arco, Garlic, etc. And, yes, it took me two years to become completely symptom free, but I have had no recurrences of the symptoms in about 8 years now. I have lots of energy and am a totally different person.

The diet that I followed was like the one in the Yeast Connection. It's not so bad to change one's eating habits. I discovered so many foods that I had never eaten before, while I learned to live without others. I have re-introduced some of the one's I had given up for a time and have had no problems.

Anyway, hope this is some help. Unless M.Ds, have changed considerably since I last went to one, I suggest going to a Naturopath or Homeopath, someone who looks at disease from a whole being perspective.

Good luck!