Yin depletion, Heat signs.

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Subject: Re: Hormones for Sex Drive and More-DHEA
From: Paul_Iannone.pop.com (Paul Iannone)
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 95 16:13:56 PST

David Epstein <depstein.mindspring.com> wrote:
: Popular alternative medical therapies of late include hormone replacement using DHEA. <snip> Doctors are increasing the DHEA levels beyond that which has been the 'characteristic' set for different age groups and bringing it closer to the level found between ages of 20 and 30. This has more than a sexual drive effect on both men and women. It increases energy, wellbeing, sex drive and affects tissues and organs that function more optimally in a hormonally heightened environment.

That may well be true, but such 'Yang' therapies can be very imbalancing to health. Most cases of Yang depletion in the United States are actually Yin depletion in masquerade. If someone has any Heat signs (intolerance of heat, sense of stuffiness easily, wearing less clothes than those around you, feelings of heat, sweating, especially at night, sleeping with few covers, or being 'warm-blooded' or warm to the touch), they should stay entirely away from such therapies, which will only further put the torch to the remaining Yin. When its gone, you're gone.

Isolative, single substance therapies are not holistic, and are fraught with dangers.

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