Cluster migraine.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Help for Migraine
From: (Annika McCann)
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 20:51:16 -0500

> >Is there any herb to help reduce migraines? Please let me know.

My husband gets cluster migraines, and he is immensely helped by Clematis tincture (40 drops). It doesn't work to prevent getting a migraine in the first place, like Feverfew is supposed to, but it will stop a migraine in it's tracks. It's important to take the Clematis as soon as you realize you might be getting a migraine. It makes the migraine go away in about 20 minutes, without ever getting really bad; without it his migraine would last several hours.

From: (Sarah W. Herbst)

What it took to get rid of my migraine headaches was to quit caffeine cold turkey. No soda, no tea, no chocolate, nothing which had or might have had caffeine in it. After about 3 months the migraines stopped. Also, if your neck muscles are tense due to stress, that might also trigger migraines. In which case, I would recommend seeing a masseuse.

From: (S. Tarris)

>Is there any herb to help reduce migraines? Please let me know.

I dont know about "migraines" per se, but ever since I can remember I have had headaches. I always kept a bottle of asprin within reach and popped them like candy in order just to maintain. My husband read an article from GNC "Lets Live" magazine ("Stay Healthy" Nov 1995 p.30) about magnesium deficiency and headaches. I take a daily vitamin and never really looked at the magnesium amount. I found out it contained only 33% "Daily Value". I have never been real confident about the measure of "Daily Value", so I use it as a starting point only. I increased my magnesium by another 266 mg, supposedly now recieving 99% daily value.


Obviously I was deficient in magnesium. This may not be your case. But the astonishing results force me to share this experience. Investigate this ok? It could be what your looking for.