Cold sore.

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Subject: Re: *****HERB/S FOR COLD SORE
From: elizper., (ElizPer)
Date: 1 Mar 1996 22:14:02 -0500

> I read where Kyolic can be used for cold sores. Does anyone have more info?

I've heard that St. John's Wort oil, applied topically, is helpful.
Especially, at 1st signs of a cold sore. And, that taking Echinacea angustifolia and Burdock Root orally on a fairly regular basis can help prevent outbreaks.


From: healingpgs., (Rosemary Jones)

princess., () writes:
>*Note* Naturopathy claims the news for herpes is Kyolic (odorless garlic) says it can cure it totally.

"Garlic may be an effective treatment [of herpes] because of its antiviral and immune-stimulating properties..." The Healing Power of Garlic by Paul Bergner, 1995, Prima Publishing. Bergner recommends taking garlic internally upon onset of oral or genital herpes attack or applying juice directly to sores (he recommends caution using direct appliction as it can be very irritating to the skin). He is a champion of fresh garlic as he believes garlic loses much of its antiviral effect when either dried or deodorized.

Subject: Re: big *nasty* cold sore
From: Erin Giddis <egiddis.,>

>I followed the advice of this NG and started taking 1000 mg of l-lysine yesterday when the cold sore erupted. It seems to be draining more profusely than any cold sore I've ever had, and has gotten HUGE in only 24 hours. Is that typical for l-lysine? I thought it would reduce my symptoms. Boo hoo- I *hate* cold sores! What else can I do? I also put ice on it 2X day, and am avoiding caffeine, meat, etc. But it's so big and gross!

Hi, just lately i was having the hardest time getting rid of a cold sore. Finally sfter three weeks of feeling like i had a growth, i made my own antiseptic "chapstick" from comfrey salve and clove oil. Comfrey salve is a mixture of olive oil, beeswax and comfrey root,but if you do not have a similar mixture around your house just mix a few drops of clove oilin two tablespoons or so of olive oil. i put it on generously several times a day, and four days later it was gone...

From: brumstik., (broomstick)

>I followed the advice of this NG and started taking 1000 mg of l-lysine

Don't forget your vitamin C! Adequate doses will also help prevent cold sores, and is a necessary healing factor for the body.

Exposure to sunlight can trigger cold sores, as can high temperatures. I typically get 'em in spring when I start getting outside more, but after a start a tan they go away.

It *is* possible for a cold sore to become infected, which can result in a truly godawful mess - crusts, pus, constant draining - so be careful about keeping the area clean. This sort of infection is typically staph or strep bacteria, which *can* become serious so if that sucker keeps getting bigger I'd see a doctor as that sort of infection can make you *extremely* ill.

Hopefully, you'll be improving by the time you read this.