Common cold.


Date: Wed, 3 Apr 1996 21:29:55 -0500
From: "Paula B." <yogt.INTERSOURCE.COM>
Subject: Re: Herbs that help with the common cold

>Does anyone know of any medicinal herbs that help with the common cold. Also I am looking for herbs that can help strengthen the immune system. Any advice and help would be very much appreciated.

For colds:
I know that my family has used yarrow tea and cayenne pepper capsules. 2 capsules per hour and 3 (4oz) glasses of the tea per day. The tea tastes awful and the pepper can cause stomack burn unless you eat some yogurt with it and down plenty of water. However, it is relief within hours and well worth it.

Garlic is a nice one for strengthening the immune system.

From: Donna Doyle <ddoyle.JCCCNET.JOHNCO.CC.KS.US>

Re your question on herbs for the common cold...from a recent experience, I found that sniffing full-strength peppermint oil on a kleenex helped with head congestion...eucalptus is also great, but has a medicinal smell to others. Peppermint tea and chamomile tea helped the sore throat. Lavender oil rubbed on my chest broke up the lung congestion. I used lavender oil full-strength in my ears and neck area for the earache. I also alternated lavender oil and rosemary oil in my humidifier/steamer at night. It seemed to handle the husband didn't catch my cold which he usually does. I also used vinegar and water with orange oil to disinfect the kitchen.

From: JBS <jbs11.CORNELL.EDU>

I take garlic - raw finely chopped swallowed with orange juice - every day and this winter I've managed to stave off every cold that's come my way. If I feel sniffily, or achy, I begin taking echineca (sp) and that helps tremendously.


> The herbs we have found helpful at the first sign of a cold are echinacea and lots of garlic.

I second this! I cook with garlic every day and have been doing so since 1969. I read the works of Ruth Davis and decided, since I love garlic anyway, to include it in many recipes. Salad dressing is one easy way to incorporate it into the diet. Stews, Italian sauces, curries, Chinese stir fry, etc. are also easy means to this end. The bottom line: I haven't had a cold in memory, maybe at most 2 in 25 years. I also lead a healthy lifestyle but had my share of colds until I started using garlic regularly.

Also, I have never caught any of the Asian or other flus that decimate the population every winter (knock wood). Garlic is really a wonder drug.