Dang gui.

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Newsgroup: alt.folklore.herbs
From: Michael Wedge <mikew.alaska.net>
Date: 10 Feb 1996 22:04:52 GMT
Subject: Dang Gui

There has been much information and misinformation about Dang Gui. As a practicing Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist I thought I would offer some input. Dang gui is a Chinese herb, and it is from the empirical evidence of thousands of years that this this information is based.

Dang gui has two primary functions: 1. Nourish blood 2. Invigorates blood flow. It has a lesser know function of acting as an emollient and laxative. It is commonly used to treat a variety of menstrual disorders such as PMS, Dysmerrhea, amenorrhea. Because of its seconday actions it can be used to deal with constipation, especially in the older populaton group. The usual does is 3-10 grams. Pregnancy is not one of the traditional contraindications for Dang gui. In fact Dang gui is commonly used as one of the primary herbs is Chinese herbal formulas for threatened spontaneous abortions (miscarriage).

Dang gui has many known pharmaceutical actions, including stimulation and relaxation of the uterus.

The dose mentioned in many posts has been around 120 mg, many, many, times lower than the dose commonly used in Chinese herbal formuals for threatened abortion.

Mike M.Ac.O.M., L.Ac