Drooling in elderly.


Date: Thu, 1 Feb 1996 18:21:02 GMT
From: Paul Iannone <p_iannone.POP.COM>
Subject: Re: drooling w/numbness

: Hi- any suggestions for an 83 old gent who developed drooling (from mouth and sometimes nose) and with it numbness around the chin area and up toward the mouth. His MD just passed it off as 'old age'...he is very active, mentally and frail but active physically. He cannot control the drooling and it is bothering him to no end. Would appreciate any help or advice.

Drooling with numbness suggests inanity (Yang depletion) of the Spleen/Stomach system and their Channels (which traverse the chin and mouth margin). --Moxibustion on the Stomach Channel--, an all warm food diet with frequent soup, supplemental ginseng--ginger, black pepper, and mustard as condiments (as tolerated). NO COLD FOODS, FRUIT, OR FRUIT JUICE.