Ear infections.


Newsgroup: alt.folklore.herbs
From: Michael Wedge <mikew.alaska.net>
Date: 12 Feb 1996 01:49:07 GMT
Subject: Re: Alternative to Amoxicilin for Ear Infections?

>> Anyone come across alternatives for the infamous pink stuff the doctor prescribes for toddler ear infections?? How about any recommendations to give children (under 6) to prevent the annual ear infection?
>We use a few drops of Mullein Flower oil warmed up, to which I add a few drops of lavender and chamomile essential oils. Pull the cotten off a Q-tip ( a perfect size ) saturate it in the oil mix and plug it in.

The majority of recurring ear infections is related to allergies, usually food. The most common allergies include dairy, soy, wheat, corn. Although slow to catch on, some M.D.'s are now treating this situation by looking for allergies. A recent article by a physician who is the head of the dept. of pediatrics at a hospital who's name I don't remember, stated he felt 75% of recurring ear infections are related to food allergies. The allergy causes swelling, increased moisture and warmth which makes for a group of happy bacteria. My experience has been that allergies are probably related to 85 - 90% of recurring infections. Yearly ear infections are not a necessary part of growing up, and the fact that some kids have them every month or so is a tragedy that need not occur in most cases.

Mike M.Ac.O.M., L.Ac.

From: elizper.aol.com (ElizPer)

*Ear oil made from mullien blossoms, garlic, plaintain leaf & olive oil. Warm very slightly, put into Both ears even if only one has infection. Do 2 x daily.
*Oral dosages of Echinacea angustifolia tincture, 1 drop for each 2 lbs. body weight in liquid of some sort. Once daily as preventative, during vulnerable seasons. If symptoms are acute, give every 2 hours for several days.
*Fresh garlic, orally, minced and mixed with foods for children old enough to eat.
*If breastfeeding still, breastmilk in ears can also be helpful.
- Hope this helps!