Echinacea species.

Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 21:28:47 MST
From: Michael Moore <hrbmoore.RT66.COM>
Subject: Re: Echinacea and Astragulus

> May I just add, however you wish to take it, make sure the label reads E. purpurea, as opposed to any of the other echinacea family.

Why on earth would you want to state that it must be E. purpurea?? If anything, recent information points to E. purpurea being AS USEFUL as the other Echinaceas, since it has been Conventional Wisdom for 100 years that E. purpurea was possibly the LEAST effective member of the genus.

By the way, I have gathered and used SIX species of Echinacea (and STILL consider E. purpurea to be my least favorite Echinacea); you can see photographs of E. pallida, E. purpurea, E. angustifolia. E. tennesiensis and E atrorubens on my web site.

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