Herbal tea recipes.

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Herbal tea recipes.

These are two of the ones that I came up with myself. If anyone else has any to share with me it would be much appreciated.

Spice of Life
Mix the following ingredients to taste.
Cinnamon Basil
Apple Mint
Chamomile blossoms (German)
Cinnamon Stick
Orange peel
Let 1 tsp. of tea steep in a boiling cup of water for approx. 5 min. Add honey or sugar to taste.

Berry Punch
Dehydrated Black and Red Raspberries
Lemon Basil
Cinnamon Basil
Pineapple Sage
Cinnamon Stick
Chamomile Blossoms
Orange peel
Prepare as in above.

From: Mindy Vinqvist mvinqvist.mta.ca

Hi all,
The only herbal tea I have ever made myself is a combination, to taste, of
raspberry leaves,
mint leaves,
dried berries, and
orange peel dried
(leaves can be dried or not).

My mom (aren't they great) recommended the raspberry leaves after an herbalist on the radio said that teas made with it were especially good for women, making mentrual cycles and labor easier somehow (which my book on pregnancy and child care also concurred with, even though they also recommended against experimenting too much with other homemade herbal tea mixtures while 'preggers'). Even if it doesn't work, it makes a darn tasty tea.

PS, I am really sorry if I just offended any guys, but I thought any ladies out there might be interested.

From: Marilyn Edmison-Driedger <herbs.kwic.com

>I came up with myself. If anyone else has any to share with me it would be much appreciated.

The best" tea"'herb in my garden has to be lemon verbena it is stronger of lemons than the lemon itself. What more could you ask for? Lemon Verbena "Aloysia triphylla" is grown in Central America where the oil is distilled and used as artifical lemon flavouring.In colder climates in can be grown outside as an annual.I bring my tree in before September frosts and winter indoors (14 years now) It also is great with fish and an excellent dry leaf to add to potpourri. Laura Ingels on Little House on the Prairie talked about lemon verbena perfume. If you don't want the hassel of wintering a tender perennial try lemon balm, not as strong but it cheers up any one that is grumpy. Force feeding works!

All mints go in tea. My recipe is to warm tea pot, add handfulls of fresh ordry herbs and always 1 to 2 tablespoons of honey.
The honey not only sweetens the tisane but draws out more flavour.

Good reading material "The Herbal Tea Garden" by Marietta Marshall Marcin Storey Communications Inc.-224 pages.

Anise hyssop, lemon basil, lemon grass, fennel, bergamot (the 1996 herb of the year) are a few more to add to your wish list.

Culinary herb FAQ: http://www.henriettes-herb.com/faqs/culi-4-8-drinks.html