Herbal pasta.

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Subject: RE: posting recipes
From: Judith Shultz <jburley.trianon.worldtel.com>
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 1996 11:51:53 -0800

One of the wonderful "recipes" if you can call it that is to get a pot of water boiling on the stove - add pasta - taker scissors and walk apporx. 20 feet to herb patch - cut whatever suits my fancy- dill, oregano, parsley - basil of course - some lemon thyme - anyway a good couple of handfuls - but don't take too long doing this - you have pasta cooking. Walk back to the kitchen - lightly was herbs - cut with Oogee" (you all have one of those I hope) drain pasta - add a good dollop of olive oil - all the herbs - some grated parmesan and grab a fork.
Of course this only works when I have the herb patch - right now I have about 3 feet of snow out there - but I can dream.