Hot and cold disorders.

Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 21:59:26 MDT
From: Michael Moore <hrbmoore.RT66.COM>
Subject: Re: Pneumonia, Sinusitis

Paul Iannone wrote:
> Satin wrote:
>: > Pine, osha, and every other Hot herbal are keynoted guesses, not proper therapies.
>: "keynoted guesses"? What the heck is that?
>Listen up, then. "Keynoting" is arranging the use of medicinals on the basis of category, NOT on a holistic basis that considers the needs of the particular patient.
>: BTW - IMHO Osha works great, warming or not. I have used it for years for bronchitis and pneumonia and been immeasurably helped by it! There are heat and cold illnesses, but they are not static - I have had "cold" colds and flu and "hot" ones.
>: Not everything is absolute Paul
>The sun only shines on one half the world at a time. The idea that a Hot herbal good for 'pneumonia' should be given in a case with green mucous IS absolutism. Cooling herbs 'good for pneumonia' exist, and THEY should be given, because the Lung mucous is CLEARLY being Heated. That is the proper relativism, and it is the original basis of herbalism in any culture.

Sometimes it is IMPOSSIBLE to define hot & cold, damp and dry.

A stomach ulcer, as an example, is hot, but it is the product of edema and tissue congestion (which exists simultaneously AROUND the ulcer)...a damp and cold condition. Similarly, most bronchial conditions are subsequent to higher viral infections, and simultaneously represent hot AND cold, damp AND dry. I used to painstakingly set up sequential I throw in mixed herbs, knowing that most respiratory disorders represent several simultaneous states, and any old mixture of good botanicals will pull the string.

Respiratory distress that STARTS in the lungs, however, is usually a discrete and sequential disorder that NEEDS sequential treatment, starting as hot, inflammed, with dry, distressed membranes, changing treatment as the disorder "matures", with the purpose being to tickle and push each defense state to resolution.

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