Ingrown hairs.

Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 21:26:34 -0500
From: Jessica Black <stjlb03.MORAVIAN.EDU>
Subject: In-grown Hairs

>> I am interested in finding a remedy, possibly an ointment, for a problem that a friend of mine has. He has alot of hair on his chest and gets something like blisters or cysts in the center of his chest below his breast bone where the hair grows from.
>Does he pluck or shave the hair? Sounds like some of the hairs could be ingrown.

yes I am pretty sure it is in-grown hairs, I should have said that. I was hoping to find some way he could cure them or ease it some (they hurt), without having to take pills for it. I am just beginning to learn about herb therapy but am very ambitous and eager to try things. Any suggestions from anyone would be must appreciated!

From: Don Goddard <DonGoddard.AOL.COM>

>yes I am pretty sure it is in-grown hairs,

Dear Jessica--

If they are in-grown hairs, the easiest solution is to use a standard hair brush and brush the area that gets in-grown hairs. If you look closely, you can usually see the hairs just as they are starting to curl inward (there will be a small loop). As their continue to in-grow, the loop disappears under the skin and a red, painful spot develops. Your goal of brushing is to pull one side of each loop out of the skin, preventing any new irritations from developing. For just a few hairs, a toothpick or tweezers also work well. Note that you are pulling on the hair loops, *not* boring into the skin. After brushing, picking or tweezing, wipe down the area with hydrogen peroxide. Perform daily (takes 2 minutes or less). No pills needed.

Another possibility is that he uses an electric shaver and the shaved facial hair is falling onto his chest and blocking pores--becoming infected. In this case, the solution is to wash his chest with warm, soapy water after he shaves. Again, he could follow that with a hydrogen peroxide wipe-down.