Nail fungus and coffee.

Date: Sun, 31 Mar 1996 08:40:56 GMT
From: Paul Iannone <pi.POP.COM>
Subject: Re: nail fungus

>>>>> What can be done for nail fungus. My brother who is 32 has nail fungus and there is nothing short of perscription drugs that will cure it. He is healthy; he does not smoke. He is very active and takes vitamins and herbs daily for health and fitness.
>>>> He drinks HOW much coffee?
>>> one cup 5 x a week of coffee
>>One cup 5 x a week too much.
> Could you explain what drinking coffee has to do with having a foot fungus problem...

Sure. Fungal conditions are due to Dampness. In cases where this Dampness is not due to sleeping in your sweat-soaked tennis shoes, it can be suspected to be COMING FROM INSIDE YOUR BODY!

What can cause Dampness to accumulate to such a degree in the body that it overflows onto the skin, and what bodily dysfunction then allows fungus to grow? Well, daily stimulant intake predisposes to poor health balance, and coffee is a favorite form of this self-inflicted injury! [This is actually SURPRISING to a few people, including just about everyone in this country].

Coffee is also Damp itself, oily, greasy, and DRINKING THE STUFF, together with the Heating effect of living on stimulation, is a habitual behavior that forms Damp Heat readily.

Damp Heat is a weird complex that wants to rise like Heat but also sink like Dampness, and this material is very difficult for your body to get rid of, since mopping it up tends to produce Dryness, which exacerbates the Heat, and Cooling it off tends to exacerbate the Dampness. So it basically just gets pumped around until it ends up in some dank, distal quarter of your body, where it accumulates. Not recommended. If it is mostly Heat, it rises and causes pimples and bad headaches. If Dampness predominates, it sinks to your groin, or down your leg to your poor toes.

Splash some Tea Tree Oil on your toes, and MAYBE your fungus freeloaders will die, but you aren't changing the underlying condition, so they just keep coming back. After all, you're leaving the back door hanging off its hinges, so anything that likes what's in your refrigerator will probably be sitting in your kitchen sooner or later.

From: Paul Iannone <pi.POP.COM>

: Ok, further clarification: tea is a stimulant, though not as strong as coffee. It doesn't have the oils/grease that coffee does. Granted that stimulants are not the best idea. Is it as bad as coffee in the current discussion?

By itself, no. But it is still an excellent source of Heat.

: Or will it be OK to drink tea in moderation? Or not ever?

Depends on the person, and the person's goals in health. Generally, Americans need NOT to use stimulants, including excess sugar. The health benefits of tea do not outweigh the damage the caffeine does.