Baby rash.


Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 11:16:46 -0800 (PST)
From: Deanna Blann
Subject: [Herb] Baby Question

I have a question for you all. My friend has a 5 month baby boy. He has repeatedly had ear infections since he was 3 months. He's been on Amococillian (sp) and the next highest antibotic. He's off the antibotic now, but still has been having a runny nose. Then he started developing a rash on his stomach, and back. It spread to his elbow, and his legs. It looks like ringworm on his elbow, but the dr. ruled this out. It's bumpy and raised and blisters. It's on his face, like hives, but it's not hives. The dr. has taken him off regular formula and put him on soy no iron, milkfree and lactose free. No other food allowed. The Dr. also gave him oral steroids and it started to clear it up, but once he was taken off them it came back.

Has anyone had experience with this, and is there any herbal remedy?

The Dr. wants to put him back on steriods and my friend doesn't want her baby on them.

The Gardenthyme Lady


it almost sounds like an allergenic problem; and if he can't be breastfed, I have a 'formula' for infants milk that I've used for my youngest as a preemie. I recently gave it to dozens of other moms (from another list) and have gotten back wonderful reports. But no two little ones are alike; and this is just to be revered as information - nothing else implied. I remember one of my nieces having something that sounded similar, and it was psoriasis.

this formula would help, along with the addition of chamomile to help calm the gut. though, if there are serious allergies, he may have one to chamomile as well. EFAs have some antiinflammatory effect (also included in the formula) If it were my child, I'd steer away from any biscuits, cereals, etc. for now until the GI tract can 'rest'. Above all, I'd try my darndest to breastfeed. While most people would be treated with bitter herbs, too, I don't know if I'd do that with such a tiny one. the fact that he responded to steroids seems to say that it is inflammatory in nature. ear infections, I've used the mullein/garlic ear drops, or the 'baked' onion.

Here, then, is the formula.

this is the recipe I used for my (then) preemie. At the time, she was only 4 lbs., this is the amounts I used for her. Anyone wishing to use this can increase or decrease the amounts as they desire according to the weight/constitution of their child. I found the original recipe in Paavo Airola's book "Everywoman's Book" and tweaked it a bit for my little one. I started off with raw, organic goats milk. When I couldn't get raw, I purchased organic goats milk from the health food store. For my little one, I felt goats milk was best since goats milk, in some literature, is supposed to be more easily digested in humans.

To every quart of goats milk, I diluted it half-and-half until I knew she tolerated it, then I changed it to ⅔ milk, ⅓ pure water (NOT distilled); at about 6-7 mos., I gave her full goats milk without water dilution. Again, you can do as your little one (and pediatrician) tolerate.

So, to every diluted goats milk (for example, 16 oz. goats milk, 16 oz. pure water)

Place in blender, and add 2 Tb. milk sugar (lactose) for sweetening, like mom
¼ -½ tsp. blackstrap molasses (I started small, then increased to the ½ tsp.)
¼-½ tsp. Brewer's yeast, again, increasing as tolerated
1 tsp. cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil
¼-⅓ tsp. plain cod liver oil
⅛-¼ tsp. organic, cold-pressed flax oil
liquid vitamin C - 30-60 mg. (directions are on the bottle, I believe it was ~¼ tsp., but please check the label)

This formula seemed to provide the necessary nutrients:
Brewer's yeast: B vitamins, chromium and selenium, other trace vitamins and minerals
Molasses: iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, B vitamins
Olive oil: vitamin E
Cod liver oil: vitamins A & D
Organic Flax oil: EFAs
vitamin C in liquid form
The milk contains calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium

The brewer's yeast and milk sugar can be purchased at most health food stores, and some pharmacies.

I would make up a quart at a time and refrigerate. Hope this helps!

From: Adriane

Hi every one,

If the baby has been on long term antibiotic treatment I would think that the rash could be the bodies reaction to an overgrowth of yeast candida. The steroid is probably only supressing the bodies reaction, not curing the problem. No herbalist worth their salt would prescribe for someone sight unseen.I would tell your friend to seek the aid of a professional versed in the use of herbs for children. I know Olive leaf tincture can help this problem but in one so young I don't know about its use. That is why I said the baby need to be "seen". This should not be attempted without professional advice.If the baby is not lactose intollerant live culture yogurt will put back some of the needed bacterias the baby has lost. If this is a yeast overgrowth it need to be eradicated before it leads to something more severe like asthma allergies. Of course this is only my opinion and there may be others that have a better idea. I also know there is a very common childhood disease called 5th's diseases that is a rash with no know cause that goes away in 2 weeks. Topical application of Lavender eo helps with the agravation of the rash but so do steroids. Most Dr. will prescribe steroids for 5ths. Since it goes away in 2 weeks I would hate to see one so young on steroids just for 5ths. Like I said, its just my opinion, and I know there are probably many on this list who know better than I do.


From: Deanna Blann

---Thanks for the information for this baby. I'm not asking anyone to prescribe, I'd just like to get different opinions. It's puzzling because he is so young. I tend to agree it may be due to an allergy to the antibiotics,he's been off them for about 2 weeks I beleive. The Doctor gave them another topical cream to use today, The mother and grandmother refused the oral steriods for him, asking instead for a referral to Riley Hospital for Children. If it doesn't clear up in 30 days she is referring them to Riley Children's hospital in Indianapolis. The poor mother is beside herself, he's digging and scratching at himself so much, it has to be unpleasant for him, and he's not sleeping properly, nor eating. Do you think if I made a salve using calendula that it would help with the rash? Would it interfer with the other salve the Dr. gave them?


>The poor mother is beside herself, he's digging and scratching at himself so much, it has to be unpleasant for him, and he's not sleeping properly, nor eating.

We found that with itchy rashes, the best was to treat from the inside out, also using cremes to allay the itching. Constant itching/scratching puts one up for bacterial infections as well, esp staph and strep. We found a neat product called CamoCare Soothing Creme (nci). I like to use it on my little ones since the chamomile has some antiinflammatory/antiseptic properties. We've used it alongside steroidal cremes, only to abandon the steroidal cremes right quick.

I know that most people may make up a creme using chickweed, comfrey, plantain, etc.. I guess I tend to be really finicky around a 5 mo. old. there are also cremes with zinc, vit A & D and aloe vera. that may be great for a baby - depending on the vitamin a and d content. I think Jason puts out a creme like that.


> I also know there is a very common childhood disease called 5th's diseases that is a rash with no know cause that goes away in 2 weeks.

5th's disease tends to crop up in a maculopapular rash over the trunk; and in some kids just over the arms. It usually doesn't have the itching or the appearance of 'ringworm' as the writer described. It can also last a couple of months..... and repeat.

obviously the baby was seen by a doc; and maybe it needs a new doctor or a dermatologist, to get a more definitive diagnoses.