Bad bruise.


From: "Robin Dorey"
To: "herb list"
Subject: [Herb] bad bruise
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003 19:52:08 -0400

Hi all,

I have developed a bad bruise on my foot. I got up too quickly from a couch and my right foot folded under itself. Because of the momentum, I put my left foot forward and then came down hard on my folded right foot again!! I didn't break anything but I have a swollen, bruised foot right now that is really hurting. I took some Advil and put an ice pack on it. Now I am using arnica but I was wondering if there were any other things I could be doing. I can hardly walk. thanks for any help you can give me. Robin

From: Art Carlson


Sorry to hear about your bruised foot. I had a similar problem from slipping on the ice, and found Arnica oil to be very effective (used only on unbroken skin).

From: "jim mcdonald"

>found Arnica oil to be very effective (used only on unbroken skin).

After using homeopathic Arnica pellets and cremes for years, and then tincturing the dried (~freshly dried~) flowers and using that, I'd NEVER go back to the homeopathic preparations. Taking 5-15 drops of the tincture internally seems to work much better than the pellets, and applying the tincture mixed 50/50 with water works better than homeopathic cremes I've used in the past. Making your own arnica oil would probably be better & definitely be cheaper than buying it, provided you're using good dried Arnica, and not the who knows how old brown stuff sold by big herb companies (read Michael Moore's entry in Medicinal plants of the pacific west for a lip-curving description of this).

Yarrow tincture, applied externally to bruises WITH broken skin or bruises with blood blisters works excellent.

From: Squeaky_Clean_Naturally

Dear Robin,

Sorry to hear about your foot...that smarts! I did the same thing several years ago and someone (I think it was here, this is the only herb list I am on! Sorry, I can't remember who to give credit to) told me to try Comfrey compresses with fresh leaves that you smash a bit and wrap around your foot...unfortunately, if you're on the East Coast, this could be a problem at this time of year, but it REALLY helped my foot. The bruising went away really quickly and it felt better pretty quickly too! Also, there is one side that is a bit prickly, I can't remember which one it is but put that side up or you could be itchy from the spikes if you are able to find some. Perhaps a tincture would work well too??


From: "Sarah Head"

Sorry to hear about your foot, Robin, try soaking a towel in witchhazel and keeping it wrapped around it for several days, even in bed (replacing the witchazel when it has dried)

Plantain is another one which might be helpful and someone mentioned warm elderflower oil when they had a swollen knee joint.

From: Henriette Kress

I make calendula - St. John's wort salves for things like this.

So next time SJW flowers in your neck of the woods, pick it and make an oil from the fresh flowering tops. Then make a salve of it, later, when you have dried calendula.

From: "Robin Dorey"
Subject: [Herb] My bruise!!
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 20:04:17 -0400

Hi All,

Thank you all so very much for your kind and thoughtful answers. I am amazed at the response and have saved them all. Hopefully I won't need them for a long time. I only took the Advil once because the initial pain had me in tears and near fainting. I did use Sarah's suggestion as it was the first one I received which was the witch hazel on a towel. I kept it on all last night and today, it is much better. I actually went up the stairs in the normal way tonight!! Some of you gave wonderful "recipes" which I will make this summer. I am in the northeast and we have lots of snow covering our gardens right now. I think the arnica really helped and I have some I can take internally as well. I elevated the foot all day yesterday and I know that helped a lot. Alas back to work so can only occasionally prop it up there. Libraries are quiet but busy places. Thanks to all of you. I knew you would have some great ideas. I need to restock some supplies and your suggestions reminded me of that. Robin feeling better.