Cilantro and heavy metal detox myth.

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Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2003 01:18:50 EST
Subject: Re: [Herb] Re: iodide ingestion following radioactive fallout

>Off the top of my head, would cilantro good for anion chelation as well as cations (metals)? If so, it might be appropriate for iodide removal. Any thoughts?

According to Bill Mitchell, the whole Cilantro/chelation issue is highly suspect. He says that the theory has evolved from only one case, and that both the presence of and the elimination of the mercury were only tested by-oh heck I cant remember now, but something like muscle testing or another type of evaluation that was rather lacking in specifics; no disrespect meant to them that believe in it-but such results arent anything on which to base a heavy metal detox protocol, ya know?

Any more information on this? My info comes from a workshop he gave, but as there wasnt discussion involved, I have no other info than what he offered.