Cutaneous blastomycoses.

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Subject: [Herb] cutaneous blastomycoses
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 13:57:09 EST

I'm in need of some advice for a farmer friend of mine who has developed a case of cutaneous blastomycoses. He stepped on a thorn on his property in the woods, probably taking in the fungus through the wound. This happened in December. The wound then started sending red streaks up the leg, swollen groin lymph nodes, and cutaneous "bumps" even on his face. He did see a doctor - luckily it hasn't developed into the respiratory blasto. He did get several rounds of different antibiotics before a definitive diagnoses was made. Now, the 'conazole drug that he will have to go on will be around $600/month. this is really hard financially for him as he has no insurance.

All of this I just found out today. Along with the fact that he's had some melanoma growths removed last spring - so his immune system is really down; and that's probably why he was prone to contract this fungal infection.

So far, he's decided to try to go with echinacea, astragalus, cleavers, red root, garlic and baptisia; with plantain poultices on the wound. He's wanting to try doses of garlic but his stomach may not tolerate much. He's wanting to know what else he can put on the 'bumps', too. And he's going to go with burdock root and dandelion root for his liver.

I haven't done any searches as of yet - thought I'd present this to you all while I do that.

I'm in the middle of a huge move and have everything packed away. Would appreciate any help! d.

From: "Niamh"

My husband is prone to tracking veins like you described from puncture wounds, although I am not saying the cause is funghal like this one. What stops it in its tracks is Myrrh tincture, I use about half and half with glycerine to take the edge off it, and I sometimes put a couple of drops of capsicum in there although I don't know how wise it is and if it might spread the infection further. We catch it in the early stages now and my logic was to get it to the periphery quickly. Maybe someone would like to comment on the propriety of this.

You mentioned his stomach might not be up to garlic, so Myrrh might be too much altogether. I put it in a dropper bottle and get him to take a dropper full every hour or two, and it always abates in a day or less.

I would be tempted to use Phytolacca for the lymphatics and maybe an antifunghal like Thuja.

Also, Astragalus might be better left until the acute infection is over.

I think Baptisia is a great idea, and really trust Iris versicolor and Arctium together, especially for those bumbs you mentioned.

I strongly recommend Myrrh, I can't think of a better blood cleanser and fighter.

Good luck,