From: "Lynn Kelly, DC"
Subject: [Herb] Flor. Essence?
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2003 15:49:30 -0500

Has anyone ever heard of Flor . Essence causing constipation? Gave it to my patient and she's been stuck for 3 days. Can't imagine that if it's supposed to be a cleanser. LK

From: Henriette Kress

> Has anyone ever heard of Flor . Essence causing constipation?

Essiac, you mean. That is, burdock root, sheep sorrel, and two other herbs - I forget which.

Essiac is an alterative formula, not much else. Why not give your own blend of alteratives from local herbs instead of this overpriced and way overhyped blend? I like galium, burdock leaf, capsella, and similar.

Did you give water with your herbs?

From: "Thomas Mueller"

> Essiac, you mean. That is, burdock root, sheep sorrel, and two other herbs - I forget which.

Henriette, I'm surprised you forget. Other two herbs are slippery elm inner bark and turkey rhubarb root (Ulmus rubra and Rheum palmatum, I believe). I think turkey rhubarb root was said to be laxative, not really what I need. I've wondered what was so special about the Essiac combination, and I guess you wonder too.

From: Henriette Kress

> Henriette, I'm surprised you forget.

Nothing to be surprised about:

  • 1. I don't do readymade formulas.
  • 2. that goes especially for overhyped overpriced formulas like essiac (or any of its clones).
  • 3. rheum is off-limits in Finland
  • 4. slippery elm is not local to me

No, I don't wonder what's so special about essiac. Essiac is more a religion than herbal, which is easy to tell from the elaborate rituals that surround the making of it.

And while I'm all for giving people herbs, I'm all against charging an arm and a leg for a pretty inexpensive blend with a fancy name and an even fancier mythos. Essiac is huckster's formula, and one that gives a bad name to herbs and herbalists. People who sell essiac take advantage of the desperate, which is _despicable_ in my book... but then, I believe that good herbalists are poor, and that being a rich herbalist is a sign that you're more into marketing yourself and less into helping people. (Yes, I'm poor, but I'm doing _exactly_ what I want ... and money won't buy you that.)

Essiac is just an alterative formula. If my clients need alteratives I add some locally available alterative herbs, as needed, to their tea blend(s). I don't go looking for essiac. And I expect any good herbalist would work in similar ways.


> Essiac is just an alterative formula.

My experience with the formula called Essiac was that I got the herbs form a source that was reasonable in price. I took it faithfully for 18 months and then lost interest.

I had a fibroid tumor in my breast. The MD's wantes to operate. I didn't want to risk being sedated and then sent home (another story).

I tried a number of herbal things.

The 4 herb formula was so enticing that I couldn't wait to finish brewing it. I took two ounces twice a day for 18 months. At the end of this time, the tumor was gone and I totally lost interest in the formula.

No I didn't use the way overpriced branded Essiac.

I also tried Flor-Essence Which has eight herbs , I know red clover is one, And costs more.

The formula that I used costs about $26 for two gallons, unless it's on sale. I work full time and don't always have the opportunity to wild craft.