Diaper rash.

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Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 12:55:40 EST

>I think I've asked this before, I am doing a research proposal for the use of honey in a clinical setting, namely in a hospital ward setting, so I am after links especially on previous research done with the use of honey in particular relation to wounds infected or not.

while I don't have any links, I do have first hand experience using honey in a clinical setting.

while working in a missionary hospital in another state in '79, we had a huge influx of migrant children who were brought in by parents who worked the fields in summer. these children often wore the same diaper for 16+ hours; consequently they had horrendous, often excoriated buttocks (lots of yeast, strep and staph). I did two different treatments for them that healed them, in a word - overnight. In one, I used egg white mixed with sugar, applied over the area, and left to dry (without diaper) with the aid of a regular lightbulb (about 18-24" away) for heat/healing (about 1-2 egg whites with 1-2 tsp. of white sugar). Another method was just applying raw honey with the light bulb for drying/healing. Both worked fantastic!

I've also used raw honey applied over external cold sores; again, healing them 'overnight'.

I buy 60 lb. pails of raw honey twice a year for our family; use it in and on most everything. Our honey supplier/farmer told us that all the honey we'd been buying for the past several years was a combination of honey from different countries. This year, however, the imported honey wasn't passing fda inspection. So, the honey that I bought this year was from the USA, and noticeably more expensive. You can tell the quality of the honey by how much it crystallizes. You'll notice that cooked, store-bought honey doesn't crystallize at room temperature. But good, raw honey that is uncooked is very viscous and has bits and pieces of comb and layers of crystals. Best stuff.

hope that helps! d.