Apis mellifica

Apis mellifica

Apis mellifica L.
Engl.: common honey-bee, hive-bee, honey-bee.
Deu.: Honigbiene.
Fran.: miel.
Ital.: miele.
Span.: miel.
Pharm.: beeswax, honey, mel, white beeswax, white wax, yellow beeswax, yellow wax.

Propolis, and Cocoa Buzz recipe.

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Diaper rash.

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Henriette's herbal blog: It's just a blend of various resins, and can be tinctured or made into resinous oils much like other resins.


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Classic texts: HistVD, 1911.

Gleanings from the Foreign Journals.


Classic texts: Journals: AJP 1871. Composition of Crude Cream of Tartar, Purified Honey, Analysis of the Red Whortleberry Vaccinium vitis-idaea, A Compound of Sugar and Chloride of Sodium, Adulteration of Chocolate, Milk preserved for thirteen years by Appert's method


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Classic texts: Felter 1922.